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Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream

Just because summer is over and our feet have begun to get comfortable in those warm sheepskin boots.  By no mean does that you can forget about your feet. On the contrary, this is the best time to care for your feet, after all they have spent months being battered over the summer!  anyone who wears flip flops knows how wicked they are on the heels. Last summer whilst browsing through the drug store shelves for hidden gems, I discovered Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream – I have since been using it, with great results.



Apply 30-40 minutes before a shower and put on a pair of pedi socks.Glytone is pretty potent with 29.5% glycolic acid, which acts rapidly and exfoliates dry, coarse and dead skin.  You must make sure to remove it though, so as tempting as it might be, especially after you see the results please don’t sleep with it on overnight. Works wonders on the elbows and knees too.


Amazon sells it the cheapest I have seen online here in the UK.

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