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Abahna -The Ceremony of Bathing

I recently came across the Award winning Luxury Bathing Range that draws inpiration from India and the far East. Abtly named ‘Abahna’ pronounced ‘Ab-ar-ner’ which when translated in various languages from the region it has taken inspiration from such as ‘nahana’ in Urdu a word I have grown up with. Literally means ‘to bathe’.

I was pretty intrigued and excited, as like a lot of women I am a huge fan of Luxury Bath and Body products. My Bathroom is a homage to some of the best spa brands around especially Organic and Ayurveda inspired ones.

Abahna is created using natural plant including organic extracts. They use vegetable and plant oils for their fragrances rather than artificial colours, parabens, mineral oils and avoid a host of other nasties which can cause adverse reactions and irration to the skin. Their candles are made from 100% natural wax, which creates a cleaner ambience when burning.They don’t test on animals and even the packaging is enviromentally friendly.

I received a beautiful package much like the one above, in the post which I couldn’t wait to try. But as they say all good things comes to those who wait… A luxury range deserved to be enjoyed just like the Royals would. In a long indulgent ceremony  just as the name suggests, so instead of rushing to try it. I had to time it so that I could enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

The range includes:

Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot -Uplifting


Lilac Rose & Geranium – Relaxing

White Grapefruit & May Chang – Refreshing

 Frangipani & Orange Blossom – Soothing

The fragrances are very concentrated which is exactly what one would expect from a luxury collection. The effect it has on your skin and sences is truly divine. The results you get from the layering process you can create from using the various products within each range has a longlasting effect and was still there many hours later.

So far my favourites are the Mandarin/Sicilian Lemon and the Frangipani/Orange Blossom. But I’m sure that list is going to grow each time I use something new. The Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot Handcream has already replaced my previous handcream in my Handbag and has now been travelling with me for the last week!

Definitely looking forward to adding to the collection and if your looking for a special gift this Christmas the Gift Sets are to die for!!

For more details on how to get your hands on this fabulous range visit www.abahna.com

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