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Christian Louboutin launches luxe nail polish collection

Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour

“The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago,” Louboutin


Christian Louboutin – has a new luxe nail colour collection, and the packaging is as striking as the designer’s iconic red soles.    Launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue on July 23rd,  It is also sold at the 15 Louboutin boutiques in the U.S. Other retailers, including Sephora, will launch the polish on August 6th.  




Louboutin says his intention for the design was to create a true ‘objets d’art’  and that it is!

The caps are extra-elongated, extremely slender, and have pointy tips – just like the trademark stiletto heel. The look was also inspired by a calligraphy pen. As a surprise design element the inside of the caps are red, reminiscent of the shoe’s soles.

Rouge Louboutin’s cap, which is the tallest cap in the nail collection, is an amazing 8 inches high. This cap is inspired by Louboutin’s tallest spiked heel, ‘Ballerina Ultima.’and comes with a $50 price tag.

The super glossy formula was developed to mimic the look of patent leather – and it doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP.



In addition to Rouge Louboutin – the iconic, timeless shade of red created to compliment any skin tone, the nail collection comes in three colour families:

  • The Pops: Bright pink, turquoise blue, orange, yellow, and more with silver caps.
  • The Nudes: Just about every shade of nude imaginable, from vanillas to chocolates, soft pinks and khakis – just like the designer’s capsule shoe collection. with rose gold caps.
  •  Noir: Blacks, intense blues, dark browns and greens  with gunmetal caps.

“The ultimate goal of the nail colour was to evoke shiny lacquer imprisoned in a piece of faceted crystal,” said Louboutin, describing the bottle.



However, Louboutin fans will have to wait until August 31st to see the entire nail polish collection in 30 additional colours. The collection rolls out on a global scale this fall.




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