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Beauty Test Drive – 5 of The Best Treatment Oils

As we head into the long winter months. There is one thing that shoots up the personal grooming list more so than others. Keeping our skin well protected and moisturised.

This year we have discovered lots of new beauty brands with fabulous skin treats. However, my personal favourite is the array of treatment oils which I tend to use year round but especially during the onset of Autumn/Winter.

Oils can be a great way to give your skin an extra boost and can be used alone or mixed with your Moisturiser or Night Cream

So, we rounded up our favourite oils which have all been tested by myself and the team. Below is our pick of the 5 we loved most!

Clarins Face Treatment Oil ‘Santal’  Essential oils of Sandalwood, Cardamom, Lavender and Hazelnut nourish and soothe. Creating a wonderful feeling for the senses and ideal for those with dry skin. 100% pure plant extracts decongest, help restore comfort to reddened skin and stimulate the epidermis to help prevent moisture loss and signs of ageing.

I Say: still one of my all time favourite oils. Smells gorgeous and leaves the skin feeling and smelling wonderful. A real treat for the senses. £31.50 for 40ml

Pai Skincare rosehip oil is a wonderfully bright orange oil. Unusual since alot of others are much lighter. The colour is from the high concentration of caretenoids. The Oil is unique in using concentrated fruit hip oil,  with twice the regenerative sterols and five times the caretonoids of seed oil. It also contains trans-retinoic acid a naturally occurring form of vitamin A. It heals sun damage and scar tissue and repairs the lipid barrier of the skin. This helps to smooth out wrinkles, fine lines and is great for boosting collagen.

I Say: A fabulous Oil, great on it’s own massaged into the skin at night. Over a 14 day period I found the oil also helped reduce redness. The result, beautifully nourished skin with visibly reduced redness which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Also  Ifound that it didn’t feel oily on the skin which is great if you have a combination skin. £20 for 30ml

Nude Replenishing Night Oil . This exquisite facial oil is instantly absorbed for soft, supple skin.   Contains, Pure active oils with omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 which restore cellular metabolic function.  Essential nutrients and antioxidants help cell renewal and resist damage.  Skin radiates health and youth.

With addictive notes of Rose, Vanilla and Avellana, apply two drops at bedtime for a beautiful overnight facial.  I Say:  Incredibly light for an oil. Once applied, easily absorbed so no residue on the skin with this oil.  Woke up with soft, plumped up, glowing skin. 
After almost 3 weeeks of nightly use, frown lines are softened and less visible, skin felt radiant, softer and healthier. £44  for 15ml 


Rodin Luxury Face Oil is a natural face oil loaded with goodies it’s like a wheat grass shot for the skin. Linda Rodin a renowned stylist  has blended the top eleven essential oils known for their nourishing, refreshing and soothing properties to create this luxurious, aromatic oil that feeds & balances skin whether it’s dry, greasy or sensitive. This facial oil builds radiant, balanced skin, much less prone to breakouts and it makes you smell gorgeously of jasmine. Add a few drops to foundation for a deliciously dewy effect.I Say: This is an amazingly scented oil  and probably one of the best I have used. Olio Lusso meaning ‘luxury oil’ in Italian is light in texture and  is probably the lightest oil  I have ever used. This fabulous oil left my skin soft,  plumped & glowing, and I loved the effect it has on your senses. A truly divine Facial Oil. At £90 for 30ml it’s not cheap so we’re calling it The Royalty of Facial Oils.

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