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So we all write difficult statuses every now and then. I actually thought I’d written my share by now, apparently not..

My friends, family & some long-term clients have seen both my battle & struggle with my health over the last few years. We have probably all at some stage been told by GP’s that it’s nothing, to take pain killers and get on with it. Luckily my GP was better than that. If only the consultants I was being referred to consistently, were on the ball & knew what their job entailed.

Sadly, for me, after 4 years of being sent from pillar to post, numerous scans, two surgeries and god knows, how many confusing so called possible causes for the severe pain, swollen abdomen, and horrendous skin. It took a trip abroad in the summer, for me to chance upon the news that I had OVARIAN CANCER. So after a fabulous summer away, my world was suddenly being forced upside down!!

Needless to say that any mother with a tiny person that depends on them will understand, I really could not believe this was happening to me. How could the consultants here have got it so wrong? How do you just miss something like ‘CANCER’ ? I don’t know about you but for us that was like being handed the death sentence instantly. I never realised the kind of fear one word could instil in an entire network of people.

Trust me when I say the ups and downs of my two decades in the industry, are nothing compared to the rollercoaster I have been on in the last 8 weeks. So it gets tougher from here on, am I ready to fight? Damn right I am!! But the real purpose of sharing this status with you is, to encourage a greater intuition of what is going on inside us, I know so many women that have ‘gynae’ issues that go on for years. I never in a million years, thought what was happening inside, would result in ‘THE BIG C.’ So really ladies, what I’m saying is, push your GP, push your Consultants, let them ‘RULE OUT’ Cancer first, then look at all the other possible scenarios, as that way around at least you will still be here!!! If it doesn’t seem right to YOU then fight for a proper diagnosis. Only 16% of women get diagnosed at stage 1 Ovarian Cancer and the survival rate at that stage 94%!!! However, most get diagnosed between a stage 2 and 3, which decreases your chances dramatically.

The upside is that I have seen some amazing love from people that I least expected it from! I have witnessed the power of prayer and am humbled by how many hands have been raised and bodies bowed down for me.

Never under-estimate the power and kindness of human kind.
Sending all my loved ones, friends, family and every single soul whatever your belief, that has prayed for me, lots and lots of love and kisses 💓✨
A special thank you to my sister Ghashia who has selflessly looked after me, taking on responsibilities on an epic level! Xxxx

October 2013.

My Cancer journey in pictures.  Articles, Fundraising and Events all tell the story that began in 2013.