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Moroccan Hair Miracle

By now i’m sure most of you have heard about the miracle ‘Moroccan  Argan oil’  which has been used for centuries in Morocco and surrounding countries in North Africa. Moroccan oil is known as one of the rarest oils in the world and is made from the kernels of  the argan tree fruit that grow almost exclusively in Morocco. Traditionally it is hand-extracted and produced through a difficult and time intensive process.

Internationally  the Argan Oil  is fast becoming a cult product somewhat.  Thanks mainly to The Moroccanoil brand, designed to keep your hair looking shiny and sexy.  With products that include  shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, serums and oil treatments which clean, condition and repair damaged hair.   The products are rich in emollients and vitamin E  great for taming unruly hair and reducing frizziness.

The hype surrounding Moroccanoil products has not surprisingly come to the attention of  both celebrities and  professionals.  On a personal level It has fast become a favourite in the Zaynab Pro Team’s hair Kit. Products that we love are:

Original Morrocan Oil treatment oil

Glimmer Shine Spray –

Luminous Hair Spray –

Intense Hydrating Mask –

Here’s what one of the team had to say: I used both the Morroccan oil and plain Argan oil. Both work for the hair. However, I feel the Argan oil is a great multi-tasker, and is great for the body or to take off makeup,  you can also use as a moisturizer on the face. I use the Morrocan Oil for my hair, and just put a little on the ends before I wash it. It Keeps my hair nice and moisturized, remember a little goes a long way!!

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