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Beauty Master Class – Curling your Lashes

Ask any make-up artist what they rely on for beautifully curled lashes and chances are they’ll tell you that while a great mascara, and a good set of falsies are key. Nothing quite beats the eye-opening effects of a great pair of eyelash curlers. Use them in the right way and you’’ll be left with a beautiful curl that lasts all day –making your lashes appear longer and fuller.

Lots of women are scared of curling their eyelashes, and yes there are some horror stories but honestly, there’s no reason to be afraid.

It’s easy to achieve beautiful lashes with just an eyelash curler and mascara.

Follow this 3 step guide to fluttery lashes.

1: Start when your lashes are clean, dry, and mascara-free. Open the eyelash curler and, keeping your eyes open, place your upper lashes between the two sides.

2: Position the curler as close as possible to your eyelid without pinching your skin. When your lashes are tucked inside, gently clamp the curler together.

3: hold for 10 -15 seconds. Remember that the longer you hold for, the curlier your lashes will be!

TIP: It’s a popular misconception that you should put mascara on first. Don’t! It’ll make your eyelashes clumpy and stick to the curler.


TIP: Use a heated eyelash curler for best results. If you only have a regular curler, heat it with the help of a hairdryer. Remember the curler should be warm, but not hot.

Give your lashes a few moments to cool down  and then apply the mascara.


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