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Ramadan Beauty Product of The Day – YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture

THEY SAY: Mascara with a lacquer-like fluid texture as supple and bright as vinyl.
A wardrobe of 9 powerful colours, for the first time visible in a mascara bottle. The new accessory for your eyes.
Ultra sleek volume, rounded curve, stretch length, strong colour impact until the tip of the lashes.
To play as a total look or combined to reinvent yourself every day.


Beautifully packaged in a clear tube reminiscent of a lipgloss tube. I’ve never seen mascara packaged like this before. It looks so cool! The YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture is not only available in black, but also a variety of stunning colours and even sparkle top coats. How cool are the colours and top coats going to look in this packaging? The available shades are:

  • I’m The Clash -black
  • I’m The Unpredictable – Aubergine
  •  I’m The Excitement – green
  •  I’m the Illusion – hazel
  • I’m The Trouble – blue
  •  I’m The Madness – fuchsia
  •  I’m The Craze – purple
  •  I’m The Storm – dark sparkle top coat
  •  I’m The Fire – gold sparkle top coat

The brush is a traditional brush. It has rather dense, short bristles and does a great job of picking  with dense bristles which is great for even short lashes. An intense mascara that offers a great balance of volume and length.

The gold sparkle is beautiful with a strong winged black liner and nude flesh lips and bronzed skin.


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