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Beauty Test Drive: Skin Rejuvenating Facial

A few months ago I was invited to The Laser Treatment Clinic at One Harley Street, to review their Skin Rejuvenating Facial.  Having gone through a life changing experience with Cancer, it is needless to say that my skin like the rest of me was crying out for some serious TLC. So without hesitating I booked in for my treatment.


I arrived and was shown to the plush consultation room where I was greeted by a wonderful ‘Skin Expert’ Zaheda. Only at this point and for the next 30 mins I had no idea she was the Founder! Zaheda went through my history both medical and in relation to my skin. We discussed what possible and obvious effects the Cancer had on my skin both inside and out. She put together a skin program that would ‘repair and heal’ my skin.


The Treatment I had is a combination of advanced Intense Pulse Light treatment and medical grade Diamond Microdermabrasion & Laser Ultrasonic treatment together with their Marine Skin Science products which rejuvenate the skin, stimulate fresh young skin cells, boost collagen in the skin resulting in a firmer more radiant youthful looking skin.

Using the latest technology they achieve a deeper skin exfoliation, which encourages skin rejuvenation. The skin is polished with real laser cut diamond chips, revealing the new skin beneath. Then the Laser Ultrasonic is applied, accelerating the microcirculation process, which helps to raise the active metabolism of the skin cells.  Yes, it sounds all medical and deep, that’s because the treatment really is that!! The skin rejuvenates faster stimulating fresh young skin cells promoting new collagen growth, for a clearer, brighter and smoother skin tone and texture.


Normally, during the second session, light from the sapphire crystal is applied, this stimulates fresh young skin cells and collagen and promotes new collagen growth and elastin.The increase in collagen production takes place during a period of 8 – 10 weeks and lasts for up to 12 months after the last treatment. The treatment produces a remarkable facelift alternative by gently lifting facial lmuscles, plumping up lines and wrinkles by stimulating new collagen production and clearing skin of imperfections.

Because of my medical history, I had to wait to see if my consultant consented to the IPL treatment.

Thus far I have had three facials, with the lovely Mizuki. These included the Diamond dermabrasion and Ultra Sonic treatment. My skin has improved, the break outs have settled and my skin is a lot  less red. Although I still have a bit of distance to go, to fully repair my skin and achieve my perfect goal. I would definitely recommend the Clinic. A fantastic team of professionals lead by Zaheda who all understand skin.

In between at home I have been using the Marine Skincare products, which I am in love with! I will post a seperate review shortly for the products along with a giveaway!! Stay tuned….

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