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Tried & Tested – NuColour Curling Mascara

If like me, you have lashes that are long and for most part are pretty impressive, but over the years have become finer. You’ll also be used to constantly being on the lookout for the latest miracle mascara to give you fuller, more voluminous looking lashes.

So when the beauty experts over at NuSkin invited me to try their new Nu Colour Curling Mascara I was more than happy to put it through the Lash test. Last week I attended my niece’s wedding and what perfect time to try out my new Mascara, than when I’m a creating a soft smoky eye, without false lashes.


Key Features

  • Curved Brush curls and lengthens lashes
  • Contains Vitamin B for conditioning lashes
  • Lightweight formula (less clumping)
  • Long lasting

The Nu Colour Curling Mascara has been designed to give a boost to your lashes and make your eyes stand out.

How does it do this?  With its clever, easy to handle, super light curved brush.

The mascara brush is curved with dense bristles, giving you easy separation of lashes while building up the volume. It also gives your lashes long lasting curling power, which makes your eyes pop!!

I also like that the Nu Colour Curling Mascara is quite a ‘wet’ deeply intense black product. The curled brush makes it really easy to get right up to the base of your lashes without the fear of smudging.

Needless to say mine has gone straight in to my make-up bag!

The Nu Colour Curling Mascara retails at £24.50

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