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Make-Up Clearout…

So girls come on, when was the last time you had a really good cosmetics clear-out?  hmmm, It’s time to let go of all of the half used products, the lipsticks that seemed like a good idea when you bought them and eyeshadows palettes where you’ve only ever used half the shades of etc.. De-cluttering is never an easy task, mainly due to two reasons firstly, the amount of money spent on the products and secondly because you’re a natural hoarder and yes you can admit it!

So here’s what you need to know about product shelf life and guidelines on how long to keep your products and ultimately your skin in good order .

Important Tip:


I usually advise clients on creating three different kits. One – daily, Two – special occasions, Three – the extra bits that are left. This keeps your makeup bag un-cluttered  and you have exactly what you need when you need it!

Foundations and Tinted Moisturisers –  12 to 18 months once they have been opened. If they smell or change in texture, appearance or colour: it’s time to replace them.

Powder – Whether loose or pressed, these can be used pretty much indefinitely as long as you have not allowed them to get damp.  Always keep in a cool place. Sometimes with pressed powders you may find develop a film, that can be scraped away to reveal fresh powder underneath.

Cream Eyeshadows/Cream Blushers – 12 -18 months once opened. If you don’t use them often, refrigerate them and you can keep them six to nine months longer, as long as they don’t change in appearance or smell.

Powder Eyeshadows/Powder Blushers – You can keep these indefinitely until you run out. As long as you have cared for them.

Mascara /Liquid Liner – Clients always get startled when I say this but it is true… three months. If you keep it in the fridge, you get another month or so. Ideally these should be  kept in the fridge to extend the life especially if it is a part of your number two kit. Your eyelashes are there to keep bacteria and debris from falling into your eyes. When using ‘mascara you pick them up via the brush and push them back into the container. Which is  the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  Or you carry it in your handbag from hot places to cold and back again. You can end up giving yourself an eye infection even if you are the only one who ever wears your mascara.

Pencils – These usually vary as it depends on how creamy they are. Usually 18 months if very creamy otherwise a month or two longer.  Sharpen about an inch of it and see what its like. If it is still soft and doesn’t drag on the skin, and there’s no strange smell, you can use it. But if you have any hint of a reaction, or if you are prone to sensitive skin it’s not worth the risk. Bin it!

Lipsticks and Glosses – Most of these will start to smell after about a year. If you are using fragranced products you can probably stretch it out a little longer, but if there is a  smell or taste that wasn’t there before it’s not worth it. Any bacteria that has been growing can be ingested because it’s touching your mouth. (not a great thought!)

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