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The OCC Lip Story

If you’re a lover of lipstick then these Ombre and textured effects created by the fab team at Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics are a must try!

Feathered & Mannequin Lip Tar
‘Anime’ Lip Pencil
Pleasure Model & Anime Lip Tar
Pool Boy Lip Pencil
Femme Lip Tar
Lydia Lip Pencil
‘John Doe & Cha Cha’ Lip Tar
‘Sebastian’ Lip Pencil
‘Electric Grandma’ Lip Tar
‘Sybil’ Lip Pencil
‘Kimber & Authentic’ Lip Tar
‘Sybil’ Lip Pencil
‘Anita & Hollywood’ Lip Tar Ready to Wear
‘Grandma’ Lip Pencil worn two ways
with ‘Sybil’ Lip Pencil on top & Penny Royal on the bottom
‘Anime Tarred & Feathered’
Lip Pencil
‘Hollywood Lip Tar Ready to Wear’
‘Tarred’ Lip Pencil
‘Tarred, Traffic & Feathered’ Lip Tar Ready to Wear
‘Tarred & Featheredl’ Lip Pencil
‘Tarred’ Lip Tar
Gold Loose Glitter
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