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Tried & Tested – Function Lab Skin Contouring Serum

I’m really liking the results of the FunctionLab Biomimetic Facial Contour Serum which contains a quick acting tensor ingredient that creates an invisible film providing an immediate tightening feeling. It is brilliant under make -up.


I’ve been using it daily for about a week now and like the ‘lifting’ effect it creates under my make-up

Here is the low down:

 Designed to help the skin regain its youthful appearance.

Contains a patented lipopeptide that stimulates elastin production,


Helps to delay the natural progressive loss of

elastin and the resulting sagging skin along the jaw line and the neck area.

The skin’s support structure is redensified for a visibly younger-looking appearance.

A patented ingredient has been added that provides an immediate tensor and lifting effect for firmer and smoother skin contours.


Sadly, it is no longer available in the UK,  so check it out on


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