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Tatcha – The Ancient Secrets of a Geisha in a Bottle!

A couple of months ago I came across a world Brand that I hadn’t previously heard of.

Now for anyone that knows me, will tell you that my love of skin care is constantly at war with my love of make-up. I’m pretty sure they both excite me equally with maybe a little more of a pull towards make-up!

Nonetheless, what fascinated me about this Brand was the ancient influence and philosophy behind it. For all of you that have read or seen Memoirs of a Geisha, will understand when I say The Art of a Geisha is truly amazing. So when someone creates a range based on the daily regimes of a Geisha found in a 200-year-old manuscript. You can only but imagine how fabulous this range would be.

‘Tatcha’ Founder Victoria Tsai has done just that. The range is created with the most precious green teas, Okinawa red algae, rice bran and other time-tested ingredients.

What’s in it?

HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex—a proprietary anti-aging complex of:

Green Tea Complete DNA Extract—extremely rich in EGCG, 14 times more potent than traditional green tea extracts and 5 times more potent than Vitamin C in protecting against UV-induced oxidative damage, which is a leading contributor to premature skin aging.

Okinawa Red Algae Extract—a vital source of Beterhelin, a natural polysaccharide proven to enhance the skin’s barrier function for long lasting moisture retention and texture improvement.

Japanese Rice Bran Extract—prized for centuries as a rich source of inositol, a multitasking active which is at once a powerful anti-oxidant and nourishing moisturizer.

What it doesn’t contain..  No mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, PEGs, PPGs, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates.

After reading about the philosophy, influence and history behind Tatcha I was eager to try the range. Sadly, it is not available in the UK but can be bought from across the ocean in the USA. The lovely Tatcha team sent a beautifully packaged box with products to try – and  I have to say the attention to detail and the personalised, hand-written note was a lovely touch, considering it arrived via international post.

So here is what I tried….

One step Camellia Cleansing Oil. $48.00 150ml

They Say: Camellia oil is used by divers in Japan to coat their skin, protecting it from the sea’s salt and cold temperatures. It is extracted from a winter-blooming flower, whose farmers are famed for their soft, beautiful hands and lustrous hair. TATCHA uses the Camellia flower’s powerful gifts to remove impurities, moisturize and emulsify skin, leaving it fresh and pure.

I Say: Having tried it for the 1st time to remove the aftermath of a glamorous night out.  A smooth velvet cleansing oil that not only smells gorgeous it leaves your skin feeling really fresh without feeling dry or tight and not a trace of makeup residue could be found on my skin!

Radiant Deep Brightening Serum $150 30ml

They Say: Brightening Serum hydrates while making the skin appear more glowing and luminous. The serum targets melanin producers to create even tone and texture, preventing future imperfections and restoring healthy, glowing skin.

I Say: Feels more like a lotion due to the creamy consistency and is much lighter than regular ‘serums’.  After a week I noticed the redness in my cheeks, (something I have been suffering with due to all the medication I have had to endure in recent months) was  less obvious and my face was visibly brighter and less tired looking. So, I am definitely looking forward to continuing to treat my face for sure. 

Petal Fresh – Original Aburatorigami $12.00 for 30 sheets

They Say: all-natural beauty papers remove excess oil from the face without disturbing makeup or drawing moisture from the skin. Used in ancient Japan to craft gold leaf artistry, Aburatorigami beauty papers are handmade from 100% Abaca leaf and contain gold flakes. This makes the papers soft, strong, absorbent, and perfect for keeping your skin petal-fresh.

I Say: Anything that is made from 100% abaca leaf, gold flake has got my vote! totally love blotting with these. Although I don’t have an oily skin. I found these to be great in my bag. When my make-up needs a ‘little’ matting in a warm restaurant or two.

Polished Rice Enzyme Powder – $65.00

They Say: Water-activated enzyme powders are gentle-yet-powerful exfoliants for the face. With an exfoliant for every skin type, our powders release debris without irritating or stripping skin. The result is an exquisitely polished, bright face.

I Say: Believe me when I say I was astonished to see my skin looking that clear and smooth.  The enzyme powders leave your skin feeling soft, clean and very bright. I have been using these every other day and love the effect on my skin. Totally torn between the Camellia Oil and the Enzyme Powders as to which I would call my ‘Hero’ product in the range!

I have been using the range daily for just under three weeks and have to say the ‘Art of the Geisha’ and her porcelain clear skin can pretty much be achieved with Tatcha!

Can’t wait for the range to launch in the UK, but for now if you want to get your hands on ‘The Geisha Ritual’ you can order online at www.tatcha.com  or if you’re in the States then pop into Barney’s

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