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Beauty Test Drive – 7 Second Eye Lift

This is a product that industry friends in Dubai had mentioned a few times.  So I decided to test drive the  7 Second Eye Lift. They say it rivals the results people get from Botox without the costs of an expensive procedure which instantly sounds good.   They also claim that the 7 Second Eye Lift will allow you to eliminate dark circles, bags, and effectively brightening the skin, and  that you will look 10 years younger in a matter of just 7 seconds, literally turning back the hands of time. A huge claim from one little product so the question is, does the 7 Second Eye Lift actually work?

So here’s what it’s got:

Pentapeptide A wrinkle fighting peptide, Pentapeptide firms the skin fast by rapidly stimulating collagen production, and sending chemical messages from the brain to the skin to slow the aging process. Pentapeptide supports the skin’s structure when applied topically and works almost instantly.

Retinyl Palmitate Derived from Vitamin A, Retinyl Palmitate is successfully proven to renew skin cells to restore your skin cells youthfulness. This works with every peptide to quickly eliminate and erase lines and wrinkles and moisturizes and smoothes the skin’s appearance almost as soon as it is applied.

Pepha®-Tight The algae-based Pepha Tight tightens the skin better than every other ingredient. Pepha Tight improves the skin’s elasticity and tightens the skin by strengthening the connective tissues in the skin. Pepha Tight increases collagen synthesis by protecting the skin from wrinkle causing oxidative stress.

Syn®-Coll Years of testing and researching led to the innovative development of Syn Coll, the patented form of the powerful Ogliopeptide. As one of the strongest peptides available, wrinkle creams aren’t complete without it. Syn Coll rapidly penetrates deep within the skin to relieve deeply developed wrinkles. Syn Coll is proven to increase collagen production by 120%. Working with the other peptides in 7 Second Eye Lift, Syn Coll leads to firmer skin, fewer wrinkles, more moisture and younger feeling and looking skin in just seconds.

Eyeseryl® While the powerful peptides make wrinkles disappear, Eyeseryl synergistically works to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes by preventing fluid buildup. Eyeseryl also strengthens the skin and improves blood circulation to prevent vascular leaking to fight dark circles caused by aging. Eyeseryl works perfectly with the peptides to reduce the other signs of aging that occur around the eyes.

Matrixyl 3000, also known as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide, is the most innovative and advanced wrinkle fighting ingredient. Matrixyl 3000 is clinically proven to reduce deep wrinkles by 70% while increasing the skins firmness. Matrixyl 3000 works rapidly to reduce the appearance of aging by decreasing wrinkles and quickly firming the skin.

So did it work?

My overall opinion is that it is great  to use as a quick lift for skin that is tired or in need of a pick-up. I have used it on a handful of clients before Make-Up and it definetly makes a difference. Clients have also commented that their under eye it feels firmer.  It’s made it to my Pro Kit so considering it is not hugely expensive with it’s current offer and comes with a money back guarantee it’s worth a try if you do suffer from fine line and puffiness.

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