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Sprout World where makeup meets gardening

Who would have guessed that an eyeliner turns into wild flowers after use.

Sprout World, a specialist in sustainable writing instruments, has ventured into the world of beauty to create just that. The Danish company has launched a sustainable alternative to a traditional cosmetics product with the first ever plantable eyeliner. Who would have thought that we would be one day planting our eyeliners?

Sprout World, the owner of a global patent on plantable pencils, took several years to develop its eyeliner, which has a vegan formula composed of natural oils and is made from certified wood and has a biodegradable cellulose cap. The real innovation resides in a capsule of seeds attached to the end of the pencil. When the eyeliner has been used to the point it is no more than a stub, it can be planted to create a pot of bee-friendly wild flowers.

 Available online at Sprout World  €12.95

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