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The KKW Collection has Arrived

Her contouring image went viral and then some, sparking a global copycat makeup frenzy!

Almost every makeup tutorial that has appeared on youtube or instagram has the now infamous, one technique suits all format. So there was no surprises to learn the KKW makeup range launched with base makeup, namely Contour Kits. I’m sure despite it’s initial frosty reaction from Beauty Media,  it will like everything else the Kardashians do, become a global beauty phenomenon!

My first look at the range and I have to say, I like the understated packaging. Nude hues give it a clean beauty feel and so far the makeup colours also play to Kim’s love of nudes.

Kim has also said she will be concentrating more on bases and skincare, rather than on a full colour line.

Here’s a peek at what the range has to offer.

A dual ended Kabuki blender brush and sponge applicator.

Dual End Highlight & Contour Stick

Highlight & Contour Shades

Suitable for light to dark skintones

The KKW & Kylie Creme Lipstick Colaboration – because the Kardashian Sisters never over step!

For all the Kardashian fans that are waiting to get their hands on the collection here’s some advice: 

The range is currently only available in the US but global shipping is available .  When ordering remember you have both international  shipping and import duty to pay.

The contour sticks are more the size of dual ended lipsticks so you’re probably looking at about 3/4 uses depending on depth of coverage needed!

The range did sell out but is available from the 20th July again.

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