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Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Skincare

For the last few years, I always try to shop small-batch, all-natural skin care products. Personally, I love the hand made touch with a lot of them and like that it helps local artisans flourish too.

Up this week is an all-natural, vegan skin care range that is pretty amazing and oh, that name.. how super cute!

You could be fooled into thinking that a brand with a name like ‘Meow Meow Tweet’ natural skin care products is going to be well, whimsical. But I can tell you, their hand-crafted products are far from that. Infact, they are a small-batch skin care company that makes everything using only organic ingredients, and raw plant and cold-pressed essential oils. All of their products are certified cruelty-free, preservative-free and vegan.

And the packaging is even cuter than the name. When it comes to packaging, I do prefer glass bottles. Not only are they way better for the environment, they look great on my dresser too! can’t really begrudge a girl that. The colourful labels feature cool and arty animal illustrations and the soaps are hand wrapped in gorgeous patterned papers.

Hero products  I liked from the range are:

Face Cleanser (£20 - $25)
An oil-milk everyday gentle and effective hybrid cleanser. Thoroughly
cleanses without stripping the skin of vital moisture. Organic plant oils, witch hazel and Castile soap work a treat on impurities and leave your face refreshed and soft.
Face Exfoliant, (£18 - $20)
An earthy, cleansing facial scrub.
Powered by four simple ingredients, oats, black walnut hull, chamomile flowers and kelp. the fine grain scrub will gently slough off dead skin cells, lift impurities and stimulate circulation as it renews and awakens the skin.
Deodorant Stick (£18 - $22) Lemon & Eucalyptus
This is a natural underarm cream and is not an antiperspirant, although it does contain baking soda, arrowroot and clay to help keep your underarms naturally dry.
Vegan Lip Balm (£3.50 - $4)
Made from organic cocoa butter, olive and coconut oils which prevent and repair dry, cracked lips.
Candelilla wax, naturally derived from plants, hold it all together. Available in four amazing scents and flavours.
Vanilla Clove (warm and spicy)
Tangerine Lime (subtle, sweet and tart)
Rosemary Eucalyptus (tingly and fresh)
Unscented (pure and simple with no essential oils)
Tea Tree Charcoal Bar Soap (£8 - $10)

This soap detoxifies with charcoal whilst the cocoa butter promotes a youthful complexion.Ground oats gently exfoliate and the Tea tree and eucalyptus oils
act as a natural astringent to combat skin blemishes. This is one of those products that you know just by smelling, how good it is for your skin!

Check out the rest of the range here.

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