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This review comes not only from a clients point of view but being a fully qualified Beauty & Massage Therapist I review these treatments taking into account how dedicated and commited the Therapists are. So not every treatment i have ever had makes it onto my list of Adored…

USHWANI MALAY MASSAGE For those that know me will know of my love and need I admit addiction to massage.. I am lucky to be able to have been able to experience so many fabulous treatments. This particular massage is made up of long kneading strokes, the massage is much gentler than most asian therapies and its benefits are more soothing and toning. You get a deep sense of relaxation almost immediately so is ideal if you tend to fall asleep during massage treatments.

SHYMALA MARMA ABHYANGA Another favourite is this energising deep tissue massage -This is a fab massage of the marma points (specific energy centres) that stimulate the circulatory, immune and nervous systems, also designed to restore energy. The Therapists at Shymala are brilliant which keeps me coming back for more.

SHYMALA RICE BAG DE-STRESS A treatment I first tried 7 years ago in Dubai where a specialized rice bag is filled with special herbs that are customized accordingly to your unique body/mind type. This is a massage that will nourish your body and spirit, enhance overall strength and immunity. Especially good if you have aching joints and bones.

CLARINS BODY SHAPER This is an Intensive stimulating treatment that is designed to refine the appearance of your skin, perking up the overall tone and helping your body to look smoother and more streamlined. It boosts Circulation , whilst also reducing fluid retention. I was particularly fond of this treatment after having the little one.

SANCTUARY CHROMA OXY ULTIMATE FACIAL They don’t call it Ultimate for nothing. This 5-in-1 facial has multiple benefits and is suitable for all skin types and includes Microdermabrasion, Light Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Oxygen Infusion and Inhalation with a Hyaluronic Mask. The Result: The Oxygen Infusion provides a skin-plumping action to regenerate and brighten skin, whilst the Light Therapy process helps to reduce the signs of ageing by providing regenerating benefits. The mask works to repair and restore the skin’s moisture balance, providing effective hydrating results.

THE ADDRESS DUBAI HEAVENLY HARMONY A truly indulgent and pampering 2 hour ritual that harmonises and rejuvenates. This experience works on all the senses to boost emotional well-being, while treating the body to some nurturing hands-on therapy. The treatment starts with a gentle olive grain exfoliation to legs and feet, followed by a vitamin rich wheat-germ oil to cuticles and dry skin. A pressure point massage follows using uplifting oils of geranium, frankincense and rose, creating feelings of inner harmony, then a warm freshwater mud mask is applied on the face. The treatment is finished with a relaxing scalp massage using a rich, conditioning hair oil infused with pure essential oils – This is a complete pampering of both body and soul. I left feeling totally uplifted.