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In this section I share both the products that have reached iconic status around the world or products that to me are iconic.

Chanel No.5
Who would believe that Marilyn Monroe’s favourite fragrance dates back to 1921. Created by Ernest Beaux With top notes of ylang-ylang and neroli, a heart of jasmine and rose, and basenotes of sandalwood and vanilla. It may surprise to know that one bottle sells every 30 seconds around the world! I absoulutely love the new ad with Audrey Tautou. I first came across this whilst working on the Chanel Counter in Harvey Nichols almost 20 years ago, it’s been a firm favourite ever since.



Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
The legendary 8 Hour Cream is a balm that treats cracked lips and dry patches such as knees and elbows that other moisturisers just won’t touch. It was formulated by Elizabeth Arden herself, and the story goes that she treated her racehorses’ legs with it if they got scratched or bruised while racing!  From the original apricot-coloured balm, the 8 Hour family now has many variations, including Lip Balm, Hand Cream and Body Cream. I have been recommending this to brides for years to help calm and soothe pre wedding stress spots and rashes and am happy to report it always worked!

Carmex Lip Balm

Born in the 1930’s, Carmex was originally created by a man looking for his own, personal, cold sore relief. Since then, Carmex has relieved chapped lips, cold sores, and fever blisters packed with ingredients especially selected to help heal  chapped, cracked, burned  lips. Containing Menthol and phenol, which both have antiseptic qualities, helping to speed healing by killing germs.And if you suffer from painful fever blisters, you’ll be glad to know that Carmex helps relieve the symptoms of cold sores. I first discovered it on a trip to a New York drugstore during a cold new year break many many years ago and picked it up mainly because the tester smelt so great! It’s been a staple in my make-up bag ever since.


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm  

 An exceptional beauty booster which immediately eliminates all signs of fatigue: facial features appear rested and smooth. The cream in contact with the skin remains soft and pliable to fill out fine lines, while the cream in contact with the air sets to a firming film which gives skin a radiant glow. Promotes a radiant complexion and long-lasting, incredibly luminous make-up. The ideal treatment before a busy day or an evening out. Witch Hazel and Olive tree extracts : tighten, promote radiance. Algae extract: revitalises. Bisabolol: soothes and softens. Rice Starch: purifies the epidermis. I remember learning about this Iconic product sat in Clarins Mayfair Training Suite as a new recruit. The trainer actually could not stop gushing about how fantastic a product it was.. so armed with this same enthusiasm i went on to sell what must have been 100’s of this miracle balm over the 2 years that i worked with Clarins. Like all girls i loved the recent limited edition swarowski embellished caps. 🙂


YSL Touché Eclat Radiant Touch
This cult-concealer is used by celebrities, supermodels,  and beauty editors alike! With mineral extracts and light-reflecting particles you can use it under your eyes, on the sides of your nose, on browbones or anywhere you want luminous skin! Personally I think it is more of a light reflecting highlighter rather than concealer. From the handy dispensing pen to the luxe packaging and satisfying ‘click’, this is one product worth every penny.

Johnson’s Baby Oil The original and best baby oil locks in 10 times more moisture when applied to wet skin than many other lotions and creams applied to dry skin and has been softening the skin of men, women and children for over 70 years.

 Its uses range from shaving oil to hair treatment to body highlighter and we have every version of this iconic oil both at home and in my Pro Kit.

Eau Dynamisante – For me and i’m sure 1000’s of others this is truly an iconic scent, not only is it a great fragrance,  it gives you a great feeling! Its unique fragrance is based on Lemon, Patchouli, White Thyme and Rosemary which revives and refreshes both men and women. It tones, revitalises and leaves the skin lightly scented, soft and moisturised. Its non-photosensitising formula means that it can be used safely in the sun. I discovered this whilst working for Clarins and cannot tell you how successful this product is the world over!

Bio Oil
This award winning product in my opinion is a little bottle that is packed full of nothing short of a skin miracle!

It contains a new oil (PurCellin Oil) that is so potent it can minimise scars, stretch marks and smooth out uneven skintones. What is really impressive is how healthy it makes skin look -one is left with a smooth, soft, supple and glowing skin. Whether you massage it into skin or add a few drops to your bath you’ll instantly notice a difference.

Having used this oil throughout pregnancy I found it extremely effective and it is also brilliant at reducing Acne scarring.

Batiste Dry Shampoo  Let’s be honest, washing your hair everyday is a pain and on top  that effort too much shampoo can be bad for your hair. The multi-award winning Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly gives your hair a new lease of life and restores its natural shine. The idea of dry shampoo may seem like a strange concept but all you do is spray the dry shampoo into your hair, leave for a few moments and then brush out to leave your hair beautifully revived in minutes.

I was first exposed to this as a teenager by one of my best friends and I have to say I was not initially impressed..  (maybe because I just didn’t get it). Fast forward a few years and I am now a part of the Beauty Industry and have a client who needs to change from day to evening wedding reception without time to wash her usually greasy hair. Step in Batiste Dry Shampoo total hair revival, it’s been a firm favourite in my Pro Kit ever since.. and that was nearly 15 years ago!

Aveda Shampure Shampoo is Aveda’s top-selling product since it launched in 1989, Shampure is fortified with Morikue protein, an ingredient derived from Brazil nuts which have been consciously collected to help preserve virgin rainforests. Gently formulated and suitable for all hair types, it is infused with a calming mix of 25 pure flower and plant essences and leaves our hair smelling divine which is probably why it sells 178 bottles per day.

 I’ve been using this since my days at Harvey Nichols where I first discovered it. It has been a firm favourite ever since.

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray Probably the best and most famous
hairspray in history – is still a best seller  after 30 years and the choice of the professionals!
We’re all familiar with the signature gold Elnett hair spray can and it truly is a beauty classic. Its long-lasting hold is only complemented by the ease with which it brushes out and the very mild fragrance. They reportedly sell 20 cans per minute.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair  This multi award winning night-time skin repair serum is a staple with beauty experts. It is favoured for its brightening, line-smoothing, skin-plumping effect as well as its role in helping the skin repair itself from the daily onslaught of UV and pollution. Ingredients include antioxidants, to neutralise free-radical damage, and peptides, which all help with anti-ageing.